British Airways NDC capability 

New Distribution Capability is an IATA initiative for the adoption of a data transmission standard within the airline industry. NDC covers the end-to-end booking process and shows you the information that ba.com or another airline’s website would display. So together we can manage the whole travel experience including shopping, booking, payment & ticketing, servicing and interlining. 

British Airways has been a leading player in developing the NDC standard, and we have now opened our NDC to interested parties from across the travel industry. 


NDC provides you with an internet-based connection with more capability than is currently available today. The booking process will be simpler and easier so you can view the entire range of products and services we offer with comprehensive information to help you advise your customers.

Instead of schedules, availability and fares coming from various sources as is currently the case, these will be combined and come from our system. We will provide standardised and consistent details about what we can offer customers. In addition, NDC will enable us to distribute previously unavailable products and services to the GDS. This will include the ability to add flight ancillaries to bookings made in the GDS.

NDC benefits us as an airline, giving us the capability to display our range of products and services in a useful and straightforward way. The end customer benefits with a more transparent booking process so they can make informed decisions about what each airline offers and who they decide to travel with.

British Airways NDC

British Airways NDC offers a direct link into our host reservation system for flight search, booking and ticketing. We use modern API (Application Programming Interface) technology to allow for distribution of our products and services.

Our NDC is open to all interested parties, subject to technical and commercial criteria. This includes IATA agents, distribution providers and other parties. 

Our Shop and Order APIs will enhance your ability to retail the full range of our products.

Find out more about NDC

You can access these services by Shop and Order Integration, or through connection to one of our NDC Service Providers or through a GDS. Details of how to apply are below and you will also need to complete the Certification process if you're interested in live bookings.

By participating in our NDC, you will be able to:

  • better service of customer needs with our ancillary products (enabling you to purchase seating and additional baggage)
  • view product features for a true product comparison
  • have access to the lowest-fare finder +/- 3 days
  • have new ways to access existing products and services
  • get faster, easier access to new products and services
  • see a reduction in Agency Debit Memos
  • continue to pay by credit and debit card, or IATA BSP (where available)

For more information on the capability of British Airways NDC please view our Guide to British Airways NDC or contact selling.distribution@ba.com. 

Participation in our NDC is entirely optional and free of charge. Existing contracts with British Airways will not be affected and all bookings, where eligible, will count towards any incentive deal currently in place with us.

Becoming a test partner does not guarantee access to live booking capability. We will assess each application according to commercial and technical criteria. Commercial and Technical User Guides are available on request, to support evaluation of the Shop and Order APIs.

NDC Certification Process

You should identify your preferred connection type before applying for access to NDC. To find out more about NDC and ways to connect, please speak to your British Airways / Iberia Account Manager or you can email selling.distribution@ba.com. 

Accessing our APIs Directly (B1)

  1. Visit developer.ba.com and click on register
  2. Complete required fields, ensuring that you select "Issue a new key for Shop and Order - test" and "I agree to the terms of service" (British Airways API and Services Trial Use Agreement.)
  3. You will be issued with a unique key which is a secure identifier for your access to our APIs (Note: this won't be enabled until Step 5). Please never email this key information for security reasons.
  4. You will receive a B1 Certification Form (and in some cases additional questions) via the email registered, complete these and email them back to selling.distribution@ba.com. If you are an IATA agent, you will be required to accept the Travel Agency Addendum.
  5. If/when you are approved for test access, you will receive an email informing you that your key has been enabled for access to our test environment. In this email you will also find attached our technical specifications to support your development. 
  6. Development Period. Please not that support is available via selling.distribution@ba.com (Note: for timely responses to queries, please always attach requests and responses).
  7. Notify selling.distribution@ba.com when your development is complete and you wish to be granted access to the live environment. 
  8. You will need to demonstrate evidence that you meet our criteria e.g. making successful bookings in the test environment (this may be done via email/meetings).
  9. If/when you are approved for live access, you will receive a copy of our Live API Contracts (Note: these will be tailored based on your business activity /required access). These need to be signed and returned to us. 
  10. You will receive access to the live environment within 5 working days after contracts are signed by both parties. (Note: your live key can be found on "My Account" on developer.ba.com

Accessing our APIs through a NDC Service Provider connection (B2)

  1. Speak to your preferred NDC Service Provider to express your interest. A full list of service providers connected to our APIs is available on British Airways Travel Trade. Alternatively, you can email selling.distribution@ba.com or speak to your British Airways/Iberia Account Manager for further information. 
  2. Complete the B2 Certification Form and email it to selling.distribution@ba.com. You must accept the British Airways API and Services Trial Use Agreement. If you are an IATA agent, you will also be required to accept the Travel Agency Addendum.
  3. If/when you are approved, you'll then receive provisional certification approval and gain access to the live environment. 
  4. You should demonstrate evidence of making successful bookings in the live environment (if required).
  5. You'll then receive full certification approval and be able to make live bookings.
Accessing our APIs through a GDS

Speak to your GDS to express your interest in sourcing content via an NDC based connection.

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