Service List

Service List

The Service List API returns a list of all applicable ancillary services along with their price for all flights in the order.

The service uses IATA NDC ServiceListRQ & RS v16.1 schema

The Service List API is stateless

You can try this live service using I/O docs if you Register or Sign in with your Mashery ID.

Version Information

The most recent version of the Service List API is version 2. Previous versions are shown below.

Version Status Enhancements End-of-life date
v01 Still supported returns a list of requestable services to be advised

API Endpoints

Service List has a SOAP API endpoint.

The endpoints available are:

Endpoint URL
Live n/a

API Methods

Method URL Description
POST /selling-distribution/ServiceList/V2 creates an order

HTTP Headers

Header Name Description Mandatory? Example
client-key Your unique key used to authorise access to the API. Yes n/a

Search parameters

The various search parameters are described below:


Name Description Format Mandatory / optional Example Allowed values
@Version attribute message version mandatory 2.0
@PrimaryLangID attribute o EN any
@AltLangID attribute o EN any
Name NDC Implementation Name mandatory BA any - no validation performed
Name Sender name alphabetic m Travel Agent plc any
IATA_Number the IATA number of the agent that created the order numeric mandatory (either) use your own IATA or non-IATA number any
OtherIDs/OtherID the non-IATA number of the agent that created the order
AgencyID Agency ID alphanumeric m this can be the same as Name any
Party/Participants/Participant:   Note: Populate Participant tag only if the calling client is an Aggregator or GDS
@SequenceNumber attribute sequence number of this participant in the message flow numeric m 1 add 1 to the highest Participant@SequenceNumber
Name Participant name alphabetic o aggregator plc any
AggregatorID Participant ID alphanumeric m Example: 00123456 Aggregator ID provided by BA.The service validates this ID and allow only if the AggregatorID provided is valid
OrderID existing order reference string optional

Search parameters may be submitted in any order and are case insensitive.

Response elements

Please see the Interface Spec for details about the response elements

The following error codes may be returned by the service

ServiceListRS/ InfoGroup/ Error/ Code Meaning Description
200 Ok The request was successful and at least 1 item is being returned
400 Bad Request Sent when the consumer sends a malformed request to the service. The actual error message is returned in the response body
401 Unauthorised Returned when the consumer is not authenticated to use the REST API
403 Forbidden Returned when the consumer is authenticated but does not have permission to access the Resource

Supported Status Codes

You can view the standard status codes returned by our APIs here.