The OrderCreate service generates a booking for the supplied itinerary and passenger details, returning an OrderID.

Subject to the conditions of the Offer a time limit may be proffered or instant purchase may be required.

The payment methods available today can be found here.

Today an order could be up to 16 flight segments, which corresponds to 4 tickets issued in conjunction.

Although the Order Create service is stateless it is assumed that in most cases it will be called as part of a specific sequence such as:

  • AirShopping
  • FlightPrice (Direct or through a previous Air Shopping)
    • SeatAvailability (if Seat selection is required)
    • BaggageList (if pre-purchased excess baggage is required)
  • OrderCreate

Please note that new functionality will only be released in the latest version. So if you are new to our API and want to be certified please use the 17.2 version.

Those of you who are already using our API are recommended to migrate to the 17.2 version.

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