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List of Countries and Currencies

Passenger Type Codes

Service Providers

The following are the list of markets  where we accept NDC sales as of today with the currency and Forms of Payment accepted.

Please keep an eye on this list as it is constantly being updated.

Today IATA agents can ONLY pay with FOP CASH, and NON-IATA Sellers may use Visa and Master Card. 

 List of Countries & Currencies

AR Argentina ARS BSP Cash
AT Austria EUR BSP Cash, VI, CA
BE Belgium EUR BSP Cash, VI, CA
BR Brazil BRL BSP Cash
CH Switzerland CHF BSP Cash
CL Chile CLP BSP Cash
CN China CNY BSP Cash
CO Colombia COP BSP Cash
CR Costa Rica CRC BSP Cash
CZ Czech Republic CZK BSP Cash
DE Germany EUR BSP Cash, VI, CA
DK Denmark DKK BSP Cash
DO Dominican Republic DOP BSP Cash
EC Ecuador USD BSP Cash
ES Spain EUR BSP Cash, VI, CA
FI Finland EUR BSP Cash, VI, CA
FR France EUR BSP Cash, VI, CA
GB United Kindom GBP BSP Cash
GR Greece EUR BSP Cash, VI, CA
GT Guatemala GTQ BSP Cash
HU Hungaty HUF BSP Cash
IE Ireland EUR BSP Cash, VI, CA
IL Israel USD BSP Cash
IT Italy EUR BSP Cash, VI, CA
JP Japan JPY BSP Cash
MA Marocco MAD BSP Cash
MX Mexico MXN BSP Cash
NL Netherlands EUR BSP Cash, VI, CA
PA Panama USD BSP Cash
PE Peru USD BSP Cash
PT Portugal EUR BSP Cash, VI, CA
RU Russia RUB BSP Cash
SE Sweden SEK BSP Cash
SV El Salvador USD BSP Cash
UY Uruguay USD BSP Cash
ZA South Africa ZAR BSP Cash

Passenger Type Codes

The following are the PTC´s accepted as of today through NDC.

PTC Value
ADT Adult
CHD Child
INF Infant in lap

Service Providers

Live capability


Private Fares

Cash (BSP) Payment

Credit Card Payment

Paid Seating

Paid Baggage

Cancel and Refund

Schedule or Cabin Change

Residents/Large Family

Agency Service Fee

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