BA Destinations

BA Destinations

The BA Destinations API returns a list of all Airports and Cities served by BA, including code shared.

The latest version of BA Destinations balocations resource is v1.

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Version Information

The most recent version of the BA Destinations API is version 1. Previous versions are shown below.

Version Status End-of-life date
v1.0 Current N/A

API Endpoints

BA Destinations has a REST API endpoint. Click here for more information on using British Airways Rest APIs.

The endpoints available are:

Endpoint URL
Test N/A

API Methods

Method URL Resource Description
GET balocations; - no parameters passed in Returns a list of all BA served airports

HTTP Headers

Header Name Description Mandatory? In/Outbound Example
client-key Your unique key used to authorise access to the API. Yes Inbound n/a

Search Parameters

No search parameters are required for this service.

Supported Status Codes

You can view the standard status codes returned by our APIs here.